Hotels That Failed So Badly It’s Funny
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  • 10+ Hotels That Failed So Badly It’s Funny
Hotels That Failed So Badly It’s Funny
#1 My Non-Smoking Hotel Room Came With A Non-Smoking Ashtray
#2 Chinese Hotel Rules
#3 Me And My Business Partner Decided To Share A Hotel Room In Order To Save Some Money. We Weren't Expecting This
#4 Friend Switched On The Lights In His Hotel Room And Looked Up
#5 The Vent In My Hotel Shower Doesn't Seem To Be Working
#6 In My Hotel Room, I Can Either Close The Closet Or The Bathroom, But Not Both At The Same Time
#7 I Saw This In A Hotel Office
#8 This Is On The Bed In My Hotel Room
#9 As A Frequent Traveler I Get Gifts At Hotel
#10 I'm Beginning To Think Our Hotel In Cambodia Was A Little Dishonest On Their Flyer About The Amenities
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