10 Everyday Secrets That’ll Save Your Clothes
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10 Everyday Secrets That’ll Save Your Clothes
№ 1: A cotton pad and vinegar remove ink from your bag.
№ 2: Get rid of small wrinkles with a flat iron.
№ 3: Sanitary pads help quickly dry shoes and get rid of odor.
№ 4: If you apply wax to your sneakers and blow them with a hair dryer, they’ll become waterproof.
№ 5: You can remove scratches from your shoes with petroleum jelly.
№ 6: Fluff on clothes is easily removed with a razor.
№ 7: Toothpaste works well to get rid of sweat stains.
№ 8: Put a rolled-up magazine into your high boots to keep their shape.
№ 9: Hand antiseptic helps remove ink blots on your clothes.
№ 10: If a button has become loose, apply some nail polish to it.
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