Make 'lavender-lemonade' juice for your lover suffering from headache!
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Make 'lavender-lemonade' juice for your lover suffering from headache!
Recently the health specialty media 'Healthylivingthread' has introduced 'lavender-lemonade' recipe good for relieving migraine, the nuisance of sweltering summer.
Lavender is a type of herb well-known for its relaxing fragrance. Lavender is pretty in aroma and colour and blooms violet, lip-shaped flowers in summer.
Lavender is weak in moisture and heat, but it is effective in curing headache and migraine in hot summer.
Also, it is effective in reduction of anemia, neuralgia and stress, so it is often used as bath preparation or bath perfume.
These lavenders are even better when ingested with lemon because lemon also has the ability to relieve headache.
How to make lavender-lemonade juice
1) Put dried lavender and honey in a cup of boiling water.
2) Brew for 20 minutes.
3) Add the juice of lemon into the brewed water and pour water to adjust the concentration.
4) The completed juice can be preserved in the fridge.
Take care of health and love by nice and tasty 'lavender-lemonade' juice!
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