A doting dad's beautiful challenge, to protect his daughter from teasing for being a 'motherless child'.
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A doting dad's beautiful challenge, to protect his daughter from teasing for being a 'motherless child'.
There's a dad who went Academy for few hours a day, worrying if his daughter could be hurt in mind.
England's online media Daily mail delivered this lovable story of Greg Wickerst and his adorable daughter Izzy who live in Colorado.
A single dad, Greg, divorced his wife when Izzy turned three and had to raise her all by himself.
Raising his daughter alone for the first time was an unfamiliar and difficult challenge for Greg. One of the most strenuous duties was doing Izzy's hair.
Unlike mothers of other girls who were pretty used to making fabulous hairdos, it was extremely challenging to Greg, a complete hair styling novice.
One day, Greg started to worry that Izzy would be bullied and alienated by other kids for not having a mother who could maintain her just as good as other children.
He registered at a hair dressing school right away for his dear daughter and has practiced tying the hair back for hours.
Eventually, he mastered the skill and was able to give Izzy amazing hairdos that no could pull off.
Every morning, Greg would take photos of Izzy's hair and uploaded on SNS, and sooner or later, this became viral.
Greg said "It was extremely hard at first, but I'm pretty good at now." and "Many fathers don't know that hair binding is how easy and pleasant work".
Also, he added, "I feel happiest when I see Izzy hugging me with her hair tied up every morning."
Greg's hair binding skill came into the spotlight when it posted first at SNS in 2015, but it is recently receiving a lot of attentions again.
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