Wanna see simple but fresh youtube video? Watch Korean young man's 'Farming Broadcast'!
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  • Wanna see simple but fresh youtube video? Watch Korean young man's 'Farming Broadcast'!
Wanna see simple but fresh youtube video? Watch Korean young man's 'Farming Broadcast'!
Perhaps there are many young men who are engaged in farming in foreign countries, but farming is one of the most avoided professions among the youth in South Korea, and it is widely perceived as the work done by the elderly or the tough work done by those who did not receive Higher Education.
Perhaps from this perception, the number of farming population in Korea has decreased by 34.7% in recent 10 years, and the aging of rural society and the rural urban migration has been increasing.
However, last February 27th, 'Variety Farmer', who calls himself the very first farmer creator of South Korea, burst onto Youtube!
His name is Oh Chang-Eon, a 23-year-old Korean young man. He graduated from Korea National College of Agriculture and Fisheries this year and it has not been long since he started farming, but he said he had wanted to do farming since he was in a kindergarten as his parents had been engaged in farming since he was young.
He grew up knowing that the farm work is hard and people's perception of 'farming' is not very good. While he was having a drink with his close friend, he thought of informing people of public sides of agriculture as a part of a culture so he started a Youtube channel.
It was not an easy start. He had to do both filming and farming at the same time, and He had to edit the video all night after he finished farming. There was also an opposition from his parents who didn't know about 'personal media'.
About half a year has passed since he uploaded his very first video and now he has uploaded about 30 videos. Those videos are mostly about an ordinary daily life as a young farmer, such as fishing with branches, eating farm products in the valley or mountain, and planting crops. Those contents granted young generations of fresh interest, who barely know anything about farm villages and farming.
And you can meet this cute and pure rural puppy and cat in the video!
The start was weak, but soon his simple and fresh videos drew the attention of many people and media. Media interviewed him and wrote articles, made contents, and this made the number of his channel's subscribers jump from 900 to more than 15000.
During one interview, he expressed his aspiration "<Variety farmer> channel is attractive in that it makes the elderly feel nostalgia and promotes the rural culture to the young. Especially, the young have an image of rural society as tough and squalid,  but I want to show that rural society is an amazing place with a lot of funny things to play with."
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