13 items everyone will be wearing this fall
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13 items everyone will be wearing this fall
Two-piece separates
For a modern workplace ensemble, try a colorful set like the one pictured above from Zara. It's totally appropriate to wear suit pieces individually for a more casual look, too.
A pair of mules
Mules are a versatile wardrobe staple. These suede slip-ons would give even a simple outfit a seasonally appropriate accent.
A statement T-shirt
Statement T-shirts will be back in a big way this fall. Wear one casually with jeans or joggers or dress it up with a skirt or blazer.
A sporty jacket
The athleisure trend has proved that it's here to stay— in and out of the gym. A colorful sport jacket would be a fun and warm addition to any casual outfit.
A faux fur vest
Faux fur vests will have a major moment this fall. They work as part of a casual or dressed-up ensemble. For the latter, layer a vest over a sweater (as pictured above) or blouse and finish off the look with a statement necklace.
A suede skirt
A button-up suede skirt is a simple, versatile piece everyone should have in their wardrobe — especially in the fall. Pair it with a sweater for a casual look or a blouse if you're dressing for a more formal occasion.
A mid-length skirt
Mid-length skirts can be a year-round staple when styled appropriately. This dark floral skirt from Zara has an autumnal color palette and would make a statement when paired with a denim jacket or sweater on brisk fall days.
A jean jacket
An oversized denim jacket is an essential fall item. A jean jacket is substantial enough to keep you warm on a chilly day, but if it gets too warm you can tie the jacket around your waist as a cute and useful accent.
A flannel shirt
You can never go wrong with a plaid flannel shirt — it's warm, fashionable, and versatile. It's also great to wear while running errands or picking apples on chilly days.
An oversized scarf
An oversized scarf can be styled many different ways. You could wear it draped over your shoulders like a poncho, as a blanket, or coiled around your neck like a regular scarf.
A good sweater
Never underestimate the power of a well-made sweater. This maroon sweater from J. Crew puts a fun twist on a classic look with fringed quarter-length sleeves.
A pair of straight-leg jeans
Everyone will be wearing cropped, straight-leg jeans this fall, according to Women's Wear Daily. And because it usually doesn't get too cold in the fall, we think it's OK to expose your ankles to the elements.
A bomber jacket
It's a given that everyone will wear jean jackets this fall, but bomber jackets will also have a moment. This dusty pink jacket has a warm, fall color palette that is bound to go with most of your seasonal wardrobe.
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