10 funny illustrations expessing "the world in the viewpoint of puppies"
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10 funny illustrations expessing "the world in the viewpoint of puppies"
Robert Brown, illustrator in San Francisco, have painted interestingly the difference in perspectives of looking at world between men and dog.
Especially those who have a dog would have many parts of sympathy with his works.
Dirty shit for us, but it's a fancy cuisine for puppies.
My baby, I'll take care of your warm bath. 
But puppy thinks, please..take a seat, so can we start torture now?
No no ! if you pee there, It would smell~
Actually It's not different that we write in a notebook
If you have your dog wear shoes, feet will be warm and no need to wash feet after walking so it's like killing two birds with one stone, right?
But perhaps, the dog might feel confined as feet and hands are knotted.
Poor pup is trembling under the bed. There is nothing to fear~
When it thunders next time, you should be with your pup and say it's okay :)
These days, photos or videos of dogs wearing cute and unique clothes made your heartbeat, right?
Nonetheless, the experience might not be good for dogs.
uh.. wait... I believe that's my ball..
Haha! Now the ball is mine! Everyone kneel!
Man: (After brief jogging at a park)Hey,Buddy!
puppy: (Master who overcame all kinds of adversities and came back home)I've returned to you, my love!
Man:What does it mean?
Puppy: Looking for a good place to bury a bone. Anyone got any recs?
Man : I'll be back in half an hour, buddy!
Puppy : I'm leaving forever. Enjoy your eternity of loneliness!
Have you enjoyed the contents? I hope it will help you to love your dog more :)
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