What will happen on mid-autumn festival of China and Chuseok of Korea?(+Flitto's Special event!)
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  • What happens on mid-autumn festival of China and Chuseok of Korea?(+Flitto's Special event!)
What will happen on mid-autumn festival of China and Chuseok of Korea?(+Flitto's Special event!)
From October 1st to October 8th (October 9th for Korea) is mid-autumn festival of China and Chuseok of Korea, one of thier national traditional holidays.
Korean Chuseok is normally a three-day holiday, but this year in special, several public holidays have stuck together, making a long ten-day golden week.
So, please understand that Flitto will be on holiday in this period as well.
Today I would like to post what the Chinese Mid - Autumn Festival and Korean Chuseok are, and what commonalities and differences there are,  and how people celebrate traditional holiday in the modern world.(+Don't miss the Flitto's Special event below!)
Chinese mid-autumn festival and Korean Chuseok are national holidays of nations in cultural area of Chinese character, for appreciating abundance of autumn and for celebrating while watching the moon, with all family members gathered. They are big holidays similar to Thanksgiving Day of the U.S.
The common point between Chuseok and Mid-Autumn Festival is that they yearned and worshiped the full moon.
There are many legends and speculations, but basically the dark night in ancient times was the object of fear and fear for human. But, the full moon was a thankful person for lightening dark nights for human, and as a result, the festival was held under the full moon.
They believed that August 15th of the lunar calendar was the biggest full moon of the year among the nights of full moon, and considered it as a big holiday.
So, they ate, drank and played under the bright full moon, we can say it became formalized at later times and established as a national holiday and have been passed down to this generation
Because both Chuseok and the Mid-Autumn Festival are big holidays in both countries, airplanes and train tickets are sold out quickly, and if you head for your home in a car, you need to expect serious traffic congestion.
So these days, many people do not go to hometown, but go overseas and people who are tired of studying or working do not meet anyone, but enjoy comfortable holiday at home.
Traditionally, people hold a memorial service to ancestors to show gratitudes for abundance of autumn, and family members sit together to share their news and make food together.
In this period, Chinese people have their traditional Moon Cake(月饼 : yuèbǐng). The moon cake resembles the full moon, made into a round shaped rice cake. It implies 'gathered in circle(团圆 : tuán yuán)'. It shows how Chinese households yearn for a great gathering of their family members.
Korean people have tradition of having SongPyeon(송편) which is handmade in every household. SongPyeon is a type of rice cake that resembles the shape of the half moon. It is renowned for a saying 'You can have a beautiful daughter after marrying your lover, when you can make a beautiful SongPyeon'.
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