15 Commercials That Make Competitors Cry With Envy
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15 Commercials That Make Competitors Cry With Envy
Advertising is an art.
This is how you should perform music.
"You’re not you when you’re hungry."
"Unleash the chaos."
This coffee wakes you up in the mornings.
"McDonald’s will solve the problem with your little monster."
Imagination is everything.
"Free your skin."
This stain remover has an unblemished reputation.
Bananas approve.
You are safe with such a self-defense item.
There is nothing more natural than the colors of this hair dye.
A dog changes the way you think about someone.
After Saudi Arabian women were allowed to get a driving license, Ford produced this advertising.
Bonus: a commercial should not cost hundreds of dollars to get the attention of hundreds :-)
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