10th Anniversary of Death: 10 Unknown Facts about Luciano Pavarotti
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10th Anniversary of Death: 10 Unknown Facts about Luciano Pavarotti
1. The composer which Luciano Pavarotti loved the most is definitely 'Giuseppe Verdi'.
2. Many songs of Pavarotti, like Sprectre, Goonies, Les liaisons dangereuses, were inserted in more than 20 Hollywood movies.
3. Pavarotti has released more than 390 albums and DVDs.
Three Tenor Concert is a classic best-selling album with 10.5 million worldwide sales.
4.The performance among Pavarotti's performances that gathered the most audiences is 'Pavarotti In The Park' that was held in New York's Central Park in June, 1993. According to New York's Central Park, about 500,000 people gathered in swarms at the climax for 130 minutes.
5. Pavarotti had worked as a life planner for about 6 years while studying in voice on 1950s.
6. Pavarotti wanted to be a professional soccer player before becoming an opera singer.
7. Pavarotti left over 1,150 tracks of recordings over his entire life. If he left recordings since he was born, it is like he recorded an average of 21 tracks per a year.
8. The track which Pavarotti recorded the most is Berdi's "La Donna e mobile" from [Rigoletto], Puccini's "Che gelida manina" from [La Boheme], and "Nessun Dorma" from [Turandot].
9. In February 1988, he received curtain calls 165 times in a performance in Berlin, which led to a 1-hour-and- 7 minute-long applause.
10. In 1991, when there was a legendary concert of Nessun Dorma in London Hyde Park, emergency vehicles of St Jones hospital had to deal with 193 cold patients.
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