8 ways of self-defense against stranger attacks told by American polices
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8 ways of self-defense against stranger attacks told by American polices
Elbow is one of the strongest spot in our body. If you can, try to attack with your elbow.
Don't hand your wallet directly to the mugger. Throw the wallet in one direction, and run in the opposite direction while the mugger picks it up.
If you are caught in the trunk, do not be taken aback. Open the brake light part, kick and break the plastic with your foot. And wave your hands. The driver at the back will notice you who are in state of emergency.
Female driver is likely to be an object of an attack if she comes back to a parking lot after shopping or having a meal, does not leave right away and does something else, so If it's judged to be a secluded place, take off right away and do what you have to do in a safe place. In case of being assaulted, crash your car against a wall or a column and run away. You can save your life.
In the late night, stairs are easy to get attacked. Rather the elevator is much safer because it has CCTVs.
If the unidentified assailant has a gun, and he/she is not standing too close to you, it is the best way to run away zigzag from him/her. Unlike in movies, it is only 4% chance of the runner getting a gunshot.
If you are a female, do not sympathize others. There was a case when one murder among famous American murders showed up as a person who needs help, lured a female and murdered her.
If you hear a child crying near your house at daybreak, do not leave your house but call the police. There are considerable cases luring victims with recorded crying sound of a child. It is one of crafty tricks for American criminals.
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