Real-time Proofreading Service by Native Speakers. 25 Languages Available. Flitto Real-time Proofreading Service Newly Launched.
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Real-time Proofreading Service by Native Speakers. 25 Languages Available.
Flitto Real-time Proofreading Service Newly Launched.
Hello, this is Flitto.
Proofreading service is avaliable.
Where can I get my English diary corrected..
E-mail I wrote in foreign languages, is it correct?

From now on, be confident with writing in foreign languages!
Native speakers will correct your sentences in real-time.
Request for proofreading
Insert text that needs proofreading
Click on the proofreading icon on the bottom tab and insert the text.
Choose language
Choose the language and click request.
Set up points
Please set up points. Once you choose the proofread text, the respective points will be allocated to the proofreader.
The points are automatically recommended depending on the number of words.
Set up options
You can set up the related industry.
You can leave a message for the proofreader to refer to.
Get proofread text, Choose
Get the proofread text that you have requested. Choose the most appropriate text.
For new users, 2 free requests for short proofreading.
Be a proofreader 
You can be your mother-tongue's proofreader!
Proofread your mother-tongue and receive a reward.
How to register as a proofreader
First, participate in test level 1 and register as a crowdsourced translator.
How to register as a proofreader
Caution! The native language and the target language of language pairing should be the same.
Start proofreading
1. Alter your settings to a participation mode.
2. You can check the requested text. Start proofreading! You will receive points if yours is chosen.
Use points
The points you received can be exchanged to gifts or cash at the Flitto store.
IOS users, please use the store on the website.
Get proofreading from native speakers in real-time and work as a native proofreader as well!
Flitto Crowdsourced proofreading
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