A translator looking at a place like a creator, wonsun921
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A translator looking at a place like a creator, wonsun921
Hello video translator! To beginners of Plitto please introduce yourself. nice to meet you! I am currently in Canada and I am a freelancer The translator wonsun921. Master's degree in thesis related to English studies from graduate school Photography, Choose your translation major as a major. As you study the course of translation studies, you can translate various images as well as the theory of translation Technology I practiced translating all kinds of videos.
It is the most memorable of the translation work you have done. English for public TV programs. While translating personal expressions of celebrities and Korean expressions and humor into English Have different fun Recently, we have a subtitle translation for the video of a celebrity U Tuber. YouTube subtitle translation has guidelines for subtitle production in addition to other videos such as movies and dramas. It's easy. After uploading a lot of subtitles, I uploaded it, I also ran it, so it is very memorable.
What is the attractiveness of the video translation that the translator thinks? I'm just translating what someone said, but sometimes I'm mistaken for writing my own. At that moment, I feel that translation is not just a translation of words, but a creation. Rebirth in the words of a translator so that the meanings of others' words or texts are conveyed as much as possible, That's the biggest attraction of translation I think.
Are you a translator, especially confident in what field of translation? If it's a video, it can handle translations in all fields. The most confident part is the video related to the Korean theme. I have a Korean language teacher qualification level 2 I have experienced teaching Korean to foreigners. Therefore, Korean food, entertainment, food, travel, life, culture, fashion, education, etc. I am confident in the subtitles of videos dealing with Korean culture.
I heard that you are especially concerned with subtitle translation. The part I care about most when translating is the readability of the subtitles and the selection of a vocabulary that fits the video. Subtitles are the only way for overseas subscribers to understand YouTube videos. Therefore, it makes subtitles that look good and easy to read. I think it is very important to help subscribers understand. If there is a screen subtitle, arrange the dialogue and the screen as naturally as possible. We try to improve readability by choosing a tone based on the age and taste of the subscriber.
One last word to YouTube creators using Flitto! Putting translated subtitles on YouTube videos It is the careful consideration and efforts of creators for overseas subscribers. Subtitles are read naturally so that the creators' consideration and effort are not wasted It should be easy to understand. You shouldn't even try to translate everything by looking at the video, In particular, it should not go beyond the creator's intention to produce. So I first figured out the topic of the video and the characteristics of the subscriber Adjust the subtitle length to fit the video and find the matching vocabulary. And above all, we try to translate from the creator's point of view. I think the translation of creators and translators looking at one place is bound to be different.
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