it makes the intention of creators sympathetic to foreign veiwers. kandid
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it makes the intention of creators sympathetic to foreign veiwers. 
Hello, translator! Please introduce yourself to the plito users. Hello everybody! I am a Korean/English-Korean translator kandid currently living in Sydney, Australia. It's been 2.5 years since I started translating. The translation work started at the request of my father's acquaintance, but since I was very young, I was interested in translation, so I remember that I had fun working on it. As a result of my consistent work, I did translations in quite a variety of fields without my knowledge! We have been working on technical translations such as manuals and product introductions, as well as short and long film subtitles and game UI translations.
Are you a translator, especially confident in what field of translation? I like to work anywhere. However, since I studied film and animation while studying interactive media in Australia, I am confident in the translation of movies, dramas, and everyday objects.In particular, I think it is my greatest advantage to know how to use various colloquial expressions I have encountered while living abroad for a long time. And since games were part of my major, I am confident in 3D modeling and animation, games, or computer/technical translations. There are also greed that I wish I could get a lot of work in both fields in the future.
What do you care the most about when working on subtitle translation?

The most important part when translating is nuance expression. I often say that it is different and different, especially when I translate it.
For example, even a simple sentence, “No way.” Depending on the situation, “It doesn't make sense.” You can translate directly together, but “You must be kidding me.” Or “Don't be silly.” You can also translate together.

And authentic English, that is, there are special expressions that locals prefer depending on the situation. We try hard to make a translation that conveys intentions and nuances, not just a translation of the original text.
What is the attractiveness of the video translator you think? Isn't the charm of video translation something that anyone can do while enjoying it? Also, as you can't help (?) seeing the content that you usually don't have, you'll secretly broaden your visits and increase your magazine style.
Anyone who enjoys reading related to magazines and simple common sense will appreciate that video translation is quite interesting.

And even if it's a translation of a movie or drama that even a famous actor comes out, my shoulders shrug even if no one knows. Actually, it was the first video translator in charge, but I can remember that it was mysterious and responsible.
Please say a word to YouTube creators who use Flitto! Great content requires great translation. If you want a translation that allows foreigners to laugh hahaha at the point the creator intended, please leave it. I will work with my sincerity. Take good care of me!
Become a global youtuber across the country with translator kandid at Flitto! 
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