A translator who conveys the true, original meaning of the message: semin0430
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A translator who conveys the true, original meaning of the message: semin0430
Hello, translator! Please introduce yourself to Flitto users.

Hello, I have been an active Flitto translator since 2014 known as semin0430. I have been translating korean to English and English to Korean for six years now! 

Living in various countries from a young age, such as the United States and India, I've realized that a language some consider to be natural can be challenging to others. 
After returning to Korea, I looked for volunteer work for translation. That was when I came across the Flitto platform and through using it, I have grown to be a 1on1 professional translator. 

Through the Flitto platform, I have had the opportunity to diversely translate. I have translated for the National Information society Agency (NIA), Corpus project and web dramas for subtitles. I have also translated and proofread for business plans, emails, resumes, essays, advertisements, YouTube subtitles, scripts, contracts and many more.
What fields are you particularly confident in translating?

 I am in charge of translating in a variety of fields, but first of all, because I major in veterinary medicine, I am strong in biomedical sciences, chemistry, veterinary medicine, medicine, and more!
 I've been translating a lot of scientific papers and articles, and reading the translated version of my major application, taking notes of errors and passing them to the publisher
 It is also my little hobby  Besides, I am in charge of a lot of business documents and advertising materials, so I am confident in business and public relations fields
 I enjoy YouTube so I can naturally translate subtitles for food and beauty content.
Please let me know if there is anything you particularly care about when translating.

 We focus on accurately conveying the tone and nuance that the requester desires.
 Some people want to convey a firm feeling during business negotiations,
 Some people ask for a polite and polite language when filling out a job change application.
 If you take the subtitles of fan content produced by the agency, you should avoid writing words or past tone
 We try to translate new words to suit the trend.  Paraphrase and literal
 Focus on creating the right harmony, and whether the translation is awkward or heterogeneous
 Check it carefully.  We are always trying to provide translations that convey the author's sincerity.
What is the appeal of translation in your opinion?

 That my translation directly helps others' lives
 I think it is very rewarding.  Good results, such as passing graduate school or signing a contract
 It feels good anytime I hear the thank you I got.  Translation and Flittoga
 I am happy to have made a lot of precious relationships.

 I think translation is like playing a single instrument.
 Even the same sheet music seems to be different depending on the player's ability.
 To become a better performer who can convey the truth
 I am happy to expand my knowledge in the process of continuing my efforts.
Finally, if you have any stories you would like to share with those requesting translation from Flitto, please tell us.

 Over 600 professional translations at Flitto for 6 years
 Since we have done over 10,000 translations of collective intelligence,
 I am confident that I am more skilled than anyone else and have enough know-how.
 More than 110 people who have received my translations like me
 Continuously request translations, and the translator rating also scored 5 out of 5
 We maintain it, so please feel free to trust it and leave it to us.
 Flitto is the place that brought me the dream of becoming a translator, so I am personally affectionate.
 We hope that everyone interested in translation can meet at Flitto.
Over the language barrier
In Flitto
With the translator semin0430
Start translating!
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