A translator who makes empathy and understanding despite the language difference - hwaseon009
  • Original Korean | 2020-11-27
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A translator who makes empathy and understanding despite the language difference - hwaseon009
Hello translator! Please introduce yourself to Flitto users. Hi. I am a translator who is working as a professional translator of Chinese/Korean at Flitto. This is hwaseon009. I have lived in China for over 20 years. They are familiar with Chinese culture and can speak Chinese accurately. From college I have improved my translation skills by steadily doing Chinese/Korean translations such as drama script translation. At Flitto, we mainly translate documents such as contracts and YouTube subtitles.
What kind of field are you particularly confident in translating? Can you tell me why? Since I have been in translation for a long time, there are no restrictions on the selection of fields, It is particularly strong in the beauty field. 5 years in the medical beauty industry Since I was conducting overseas marketing work, I naturally made contracts, catalogs, Compared to other fields, because I was able to access various documents such as e-commerce The understanding is high. Also, because I majored in Journalism and Broadcasting, And marketing-related professional translations are also available. Personally, I steadily study economics Because I have been doing it, I think I am interested and talented in translation related to economy, self-development, and financial technology.
Please let me know if there is anything you are particularly concerned about when translating. I think the most important thing in translation is 'understanding culture and language'. Our top priority is to accurately understand the nuance you want to translate and translate it into the most appropriate words and expressions used locally according to the nature of the document. I have lived in Korea and China for a long time, so I have a high understanding of culture, people's way of thinking, and life. In addition, I am constantly reading books in two languages and working as an SNS book influencer in order to select words to be used in abundance and in the right place. Reading and translation are inseparable as a thread and a needle, as translation becomes more natural as the vocabulary increases. 
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Be the first one to translate in English.
Fliot, beyond the language barrier. Let's translate with a translator hwaseon009!
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