Find it! Magical Castle Winner's final announcement
  • Original Korean | 2020-12-16
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Find it! Magical Castle
Winner's final announcement
waterdrop village and castle of magic applicants Flitto accounts will recieve  5900 points and 10000 points separately.
(paymentz will be handed over at midnight 16th of december, violation of policies such as machine translation etc. will be excluded.)
Flower village winners
prize : Goobne Crispy Chilli Chicken plus Cola
Rainbow village winners
price : Nespresso Virtuo plus
The castle of magic winner of the prize
The premium : iPad Air
Thank you all for participating in this event.
Flower village Winners will receive 25,800 points available in the Flitto store to purchase the applicable product.
Rainbow village and Castle of magic winners will be bound to recieve individual email notification.
Confirm the email used when registering for Flitto.
iOS users due to rules and regulations of the appstore can only progress through PC.
contact for related questions and inquiries.
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