Accurate knowledge and With good judgment Honest translation Hayeonemily
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Accurate knowledge and With good judgment Honest translation Hayeonemily
안녕하세요 번역가님! 플리토 유저들에게 자기소개 부탁드립니다. 

안녕하세요, 저는 한영/영한 번역을 전문으로 하는, 2021년 올해로 6년 차 전문 번역가인 hayeonemily 입니다. 
뉴질랜드로 워킹 홀리데이를 떠나 아는 이 없이 일만 하며 지내던 제게 친구가 되어준 것은 도서관의 수많은 원서들이었습니다. 그 책들을 읽으며 ‘내가 이 책을 번역한다면 어떨까?’ 하는, 어찌 보면 어린애 같고 막연해보이는 욕심이 저를 번역의 세계로 이끌었습니다. 
이후 번역 관련 서적 읽기 및 번역 학원에서의 공부 등 독학과 사교육을 병행하며 영한/한영 번역가 자격증을 취득한 뒤, 현재는 플리토를 비롯한 번역 플랫폼들에서 논문(초록), 이력서, 자기소개서, 입학 에세이 그리고 유튜브 자막을 주로 번역하고 있습니다
What kind of field are you particularly confident in translating? Can you tell me why? I am very fond of and do better with neatly organized written translations than colloquial texts. Thesis, self-introduction, essay, etc., in which sentences are organized so that the subject predicate is clearly visible, is translated throughout the field. It takes a little more time if you need more background knowledge such as medical or legal terms, but in experience, it can be resolved through web search or communication with the client. Therefore, I would like to say that it is open to all areas that require translation.
Please let me know if there is anything you particularly care about when translating. As a matter of course, I am very careful about incorrect English words and expressions, and I do not try to rely too much on the English dictionary of the portal site. For example, when searching for the word ‘growth process’ in English in a cover letter, awkward expressions such as growth process and process of growth are often searched in English dictionaries on portal sites. You shouldn’t think, ‘The dictionary will be correct’ and use it as it is, right?! In terms of English words or sentences, it is sometimes difficult to judge 100% of a new word or terminology based on my background knowledge, and sometimes additional knowledge is required. In this case, starting with a simple google ring, foreigners can watch YouTube videos or consult with native speakers. I am trying to use the correct expression.
Please tell us about any difficulties or fun in the translation process. Translation is fun, study, and work every moment for me. You can make money and develop yourself at the same time. Making language A into language B through formulas like grammar feels like solving a math problem. There is no difficulty in the translation day itself, but one difficulty is translating documents with many ‘inscriptions’. 'There is no subject in this sentence, but what is given… ?', ‘When you develop, what does it mean to develop… It is difficult for me to infer the elements of the sentences that disappeared while saying ?’ through the front and back sentences. In some cases, translation is done after completing the grammatical correction of the original text on its own without deviating from the meaning of the original text. In addition, since I cannot do this with my guesses, I will try to communicate with the requesters as much as possible, even if it takes a lot of time.
Please tell us what you would like to say to Flitto's translation requesters! To date, Flitto has done more than 300 translations and has a 5.0 rating of 4.9. Have you ever tried delicious taiyaki bread at a place you choose lightly, ‘because this house is close’ or ‘because the owner’s impression is good’? I think translation is the same. As a translator, some of you will have a good look at my career, and some of you may have asked for it by chance, right? I feel proud to see those who are satisfied with the translation of the requesters who matched me like this. If I'm in charge of your translation request, I'd like to promise to provide honest translations in smooth sentences, with accurate knowledge and good judgment, choosing each word well, whether it's an A4 half-length document or a 50-minute video subtitle.
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