OKCAT Taking a selfie
  • Original English | 2013-11-21
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Taking a selfie
Looking at the polaroid photos that my boss gave me not long ago..
ah...he looks so cool...should I take one too..?
...OKCAT decided to try different selfie poses
I'm practicing the shooting poses (45 degree, 45 degree, 45 degree)
With a 45 face angle...would I be able to be called coolCAT?
Outfit. Pose. Camera. Everything's ready!! I'll hurry up and take the picture so that I can share it on twitter~
wee wee~~
!!! My arm was too short!!!
No matter how much I stretch my arms, this is my best :'(
.....I could only take until my cheek!!! (anger)
The phone cameras with a timer function are the best~
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