Lady YeonJa
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Lady YeonJa
the country of courteous people of the East, Korea
[seating for the handicapped, the elderly, and pregnant women]


In the subway of Korea, there are reserved seats for handicapped, elderly and pregnant women.
"Have a Seat here~"
"Ohh, I'm okay~ "

But all of the seats are technically reserved for handicapped, elderly and pregnant women in Korea, the country of courteous people of the East.

Even if you are sitting in a normal seat, it is virtuous to yield your seat to a senior citizen who is standing!
Excuse me.... have a se...
Nope (a flat refusal)

On the contrary, many senior citizens get offended when someone yield the seat in foreign countries, so it is quite confusing.
Obviously a middle-aged woman, Obviously a grandmother

However, such reaction is understandable because when YeonJa tries to yield her seat to others, it is hard to discern those people who seem to be older than a middle-aged woman but too young to be a grandmother.
"Excuse me.. Have a seat here~ I'm okay~"
"Oh, you are so kind~ Thanks a lot~"

This small goodwill can be appreciated depending on the person, but
"What.. Do,,, do I look like that old??"

"No... I mean... Your bag looks heavy..."

Sometimes some people get offended.
For that kind of awkward situation, Yeonja checks 3 aspects of the person who is standing in front of her, in order to avoid that kind of disaster.
Hair style, bag, appearance

Firstly, hair style, the size of the bag, and her expression, and her tired face!!!
No~ that's alright, I get off at the next stop~/ Woah~ are you yielding your seat to me?

However, since I am not good at telling people apart, I try to yield my seat to anyone most of the time. 

Yet, it is important to use the "I get off soon" trick so that both parties feel good about yielding seats.
P.S. However, yielding is a virtue not an obligation~
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