K-Pop World Cup Best 11 by: anita mawardina
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K-Pop World Cup
Best 11

by: anita mawardina
K-Pop World Cup
Best 11

If you could pick K-Pop or K-drama stars to create your own team to compete in the World Cup, who would they be?

Anita: Hi, I'm Anita from Indonesia and this is my Best 11!
These are my pick:

FW (Forward): Soccer Fanatics

B2ST Yoon Doo Joon
Xiah Junsu
SHINee Minho

Anita: I pick these three as my attack because they are famous for being soccer fanatics
MF(Middle Fielder): The Athletic Ones

2PM Taecyeon
2PM Nichkhun
SJ Siwon
Lee Minho

Whoever has to go against my team has to go against them first :)
DF(Defense): The Wall of Charm

SJ Yesung (captain) He's my captain because he's my bias xD
EXO Luhan
Kim Hyun-joong

I can always rely on these three to be my best defense. Who could resist their charm? :D
Hyun Bin

And of course, for my goal keeper, I choose Hyun Bin oppa, because he defended Korea as a marine ^_^
So who's your Best 11?
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