How to make a Donation
  • Original English | 2014-06-02
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How to make a Donation
sawadee krap (hello in Thai)! It's Nichkhun from 2pm!

You came here after watching my video clip on youtube, right? Then I'll briefly explain to you how to make a donation.
First, download the Flitto app on your smparthone! If you don't have a smartphone, then you can just go to
Press the button below to add your favorite stars! Wow! All my favorite stars are here!
You can easily translate all the content in Flitto by pressing the Flitto button. Everyone, try translating my social media posts!
If you translate like this, you can study a foreign language and also receive points!
If you have accumulated a certain amount of points, should we go to the Store and donate for the Moken children? Press the Donate button!
Wow! I donated under my name! I can even get a certificate!
Pretty easy, right? Your small effort can help bring a smile to these children. I'm pretty sure that your hearts are as pretty as your faces! Please help me spread this through Twitter, Facebook, and other Social Media sites. I love you!
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