OKCAT World Heritage 'Jongmyo Daeje' (Royal Ancestral Memorial Rite of Joseon)
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OKCAT World Heritage 'Jongmyo Daeje' (Royal Ancestral Memorial Rite of Joseon)
OKCAT: Did you know that you can see the UNESCO World Heritage in Seoul? I'll introduce you 'Jongmyo Daeje' (the Royal Ancestral Memorial Rite of Joseon), where you can enjoy both the Jongmyo Shrine, a tangible cultural asset, as well as the Jongmyo ancestral Ritual, an intangible cultural asset. Meow!
Best Friend: Ohh!
The Jongmyo shrine royal ancestral ritual is called the 'Jongmyo Daeje' becauuse it's the biggest and the most important ritual among all of the Joseon Dynasty rituals, Meow!
You can also listen to the music of the royal ancestral rites, which is played along the religious ceremony, Meow!
The Imperial Shrine Rites is a great ceremony which is only holded once a year meow! It is an intangible cultural asset, holded on Sunday, every first week of May.
OKCAT: If you want to experience the grandeur and piety in Seoul, which holds the 500 year-old History of Joseon Dynasty, you shouldn't miss this! B.F: I'm sure not missing it!
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