OKCAT Famous tourist attractions in Seoul, Insadong
  • Original English | 2014-07-14
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OKCAT Famous tourist attractions in Seoul, Insadong
Today, let's explore the Korean traditional cultural street, Insadong, designated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.
Insadong has lots of traditional antique shops and also offers Korean traditional crafts and food. 
OKCAT: You can find a variety of food and it's also a great dating course, meow!
BF: Delicious!
Inside Insadong, there is a place called "Ssamji-gil," which is mall for crafts. Its 4 floors are connected with spiral alleys.
OKCAT: You can visit galleries, restaurants, and souvenir and craft shops, all in one place.
BF: Oh~
OKCAT: Do you want to experience Korea's trends and traditional culture while shopping and enjoying delicious food?
BF: Then, let's go to Insa-dong right now, GO GO~!
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