How to provoke a feeling of vegan
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How to provoke a feeling of vegan
"are you willing to be a mong?" people ask another same question for couple times until i begin to consider it as well
"you do it In order to save your money, doesn't it?" 

if i do save my money, then I just simply do not eat.
"I've also insisted on not eating meat for a week, a few days later i go back eating it." 

what a stupid people.
" You might be a protein deficiency. "

but protein doesn't only content in a piece of meat.
" In Fact, vegan diet solely is not healthy"  Thank you! popularization of science. I'm gone.
" You will have a very bad skin. "

what makes my skin very bad is because i keep worrying over your words
" How the hell do you survive this world without eating any meat! "

go ask yourself how the mongs and nuns do that
"Humans are originally carnivores by nature."
No, primates were mostly omnivores with herbivorous main diets.
"Then will you eat animal shape
"Then will you eat cookie that is in animal shape?"
" what if i secretly poured a gravy onto your dish? "

I will not die, but you will
"You're such a whim, Stop it." 

I do not remember that  you know so much about me.
"Even if you don't eat meat, those animal would still be killed." 

and if you stop complaining about this, the world will be a  much better place i guess.
"What's the difference between killing plant and killing the animal, you better don't eat anything at all." 

really? then should i eat you instead?
" Oh~ look at my yummy allspice ribs "

shut up.
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