17 Reasons why women live longer than men
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17 Reasons why women live longer than men
1. "Don't worry friend, nothing is going to happen to you if you don't move."
2 A real man does not need any protective gear.
3. That cable looks safe enough...
4. Team work is even better.
5. At least he's wearing a helment to protect his head...
The rest of his body is not that important anyway...right?
6. When was this ever a good idea?
7. There are men who posses too much too much courage...
8. ...or too much stupidity.
9. There goes the renegade.
10. I wonder whether he was conscious of his surroundings.
11. When it comes to workingout, you do everything or you don't do anything.
12. Sometimes the "do it yourself" projects are not a good idea.
13. "You only live once."
14. At least one of them was a little worried of what could happen.
15. The most worrying thing is the big smile that he has on his face.
16. Where 5 fit, fit 6?
17. And taking an awesome photo is more important than anything else.
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