15 post autumn fat roughly animal
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15 Posting autumn fat Animals.
Let's fatten myself in autumn and winter, so that it's easier to lose weight next spring.
2. "I am preparing to use this position to hibernate."
개 인생은 짧고 고달프지. 그저 조금 누워 있는 게 더 나아
4. "I made myself this way to prepare for the cold winter."
waiting for you .
6. "To become this child's small blanket......"
7. "It is the box that is too small, and not because that I am fat."
Traditional Fish.
9. "Yearning, yearning, the winter has not yet arrived, but I have become fat."
very fat cat.
11. "It is all the door's fault, none of my problem."
12. "This position can hide double chins~"
"Looking at the Mirror, I'm Looking Fat!"
i have lots of Money!
i'm wearing the cute Bra!
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