A touching true story of one apple farmer.
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A touching true story of one apple farmer.
Jim Mckellar who is satisfied with his money. A few years ago, he was just an ordinary middle aged man living in Ephrata, Washington.
He had runned apple farm for a long time but his farm faced depression. 
At last, he became bankrupt.
The only thing he got is apples in stock which can't sell for a long time.....
His future doesn't seem bright.....
And he spent gloomy days stuck in his house.
His wife who felt sorry for him was concerned about how to deal with the apples left .
First, she polished them...
and she went to a market, started to sell them...
People got interested in those gloss, tasty-looking apples and they've been all sold out.
Then she earned 300dollars during a day, and came to the market everyday to sell apples.
Her apple got widely known all over the Washington State.

Jim Mckeller, who got the energy from her, could start an apple farm again...
then.......a few years later.............
This couple won the lottery and got money for 211 billion won.
Life is just one shot
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