The reason why women instinctively like men with broad shoulders
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The reason why women instinctively like men with broad shoulders
Reaction extent of Androgen(Generic name of Hormon that reveals manhood) receptor depends on parts of body.
This difference is not determined to grow well grown muscles and muscles. 
(Anyone who has a well must also grow breasts that grow well in the individual shoulder.)
Generally less responsive to the androgen in the upper body toward the lower body.
So most sensitively react to androgens in the body region "shoulder" and "trapezius"
Therefore muscle development around shoulder area is the most different part between men and women.
Broad shoulders and trapezius is a symbol of the male hormone vigorous males!
because  the more testosterone have got a wider shoulder,  women instinctively prefer.
For this reason, thighs, calves like a large man with a woman than a woman who likes bold man shoulder more tons.
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