15 Reasons Why Christmas Is Exactly Like My Ex-Boyfriend, Darryl
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15 Reasons Why Christmas Is Exactly Like My Ex-Boyfriend, Darryl
1. They both force me to listen to music I don't want to listen to.
2. They both talk about how soon they're coming long before they actually do.
3. Then when they finally do come, the reality does not live up to the hype.
4. My family gets way more excited to see them than I do.
5. They both normalize the idea of an old man being in your house in the middle of the night.
6. They always need all the attention focused on them.
7. They both seem bound and determined to make me gain weight.
8. They both have really awful color schemes.
9. They both started out with good intentions, but then it all went downhill.
10. They both have a bunch of fairy tales surrounding them.
11. They both warrant an extended break from work or school.
12. They're both way better when you're a kid than when you're an adult.
13. They both make you feel cold.
14. They're both extremely overhyped.
15. Despite all the negativity surrounding them, they're both actually decent, and sometimes, they even bring a smile to your face.
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