Christopher Nolan: Rejector of animated CG
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Christopher Nolan: Rejector of animated CG
The hellicopter-like, flying Batmobil was created in real life with working rotors on its bottom side. But since the Batmobile couldn't really fly, the flying scenes where shot by attaching the it to a crane with cables to make movements like a cable car or having the it on a vehicle which drove the Batmobile around.
For the exploding hospital scene, an actual hospital was built and destroyed in Canada. Locals thought the explosion was caused by a terrorist bomber.
This trailer was flipped for real.
This scene really was shot in mid-air.
It was taken on the near mountain of Banff in Calgery, Canada. The fort was built by the producers themsleves. It is said that the staff moved the material toward the top of the mountain.
The scene of explosion using hydrogen gas.
The exploding scene of near objects in slow mothin was filmed in Paris, France. It was taken in each different filming speed on its 6 cameras.
Interstellar is opening soon. For about 30 square meters in size in the cornfield is actually cultivated in wastelands.
He created real sandstorm using ground cardboard.
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