18 Reasons Why Pit Bulls Are The Best Cuddlers In The World
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18 Reasons Why Pit Bulls Are The Best Cuddlers In The World
1. They're gifted at group arrangements and blanket-incorporation.
2. Where you see a baby, they see someone new to love.
3. They're exceptional at spooning.
4. When cuddled with a kitten, they reach inconceivable levels of adorableness.
5. Even at a young age, they're inter-species ambassadors.
6. They're fantastic babysitters.
7. They're great wrestling, as long as that wrestling is non-violent.
8. They're stackable.
9. They're persistent.
10.They're confident in their requirements for total comfort.
11. They're babies' number-one fans.
12. They're more than happy to provide a pillow for a cute sleepy kitten.
13. They keep an eye open to make sure their snuggle buddy is safe.
14. They're willing to nap in a bed...
15. ...Or even on the floor.
16. They're so good at cuddling they unintentionally make the same face as their pal.
17. A foot to the face doesn't faze them (provided its's cute enough).
18. They'll give you a look that melts your heart.
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