Our 10seconds, to dedicate to a human history. "Project Gutenberg"
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Our 10seconds, to dedicate to a human history. 
"Project Gutenberg"
Surely, you have done this.
Typing this text.
zigzagged and crooked texts
always annoying whenever you type this.
Captcha : "Completely Automated Public Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart"
It checks whether the user is human or computer program.
It blocks advertisement and protects email address too.
average time for CAPTCHA : 10 seconds
It's over half a million times.
Why don't we use this time for humanity?
Old book
A valuable human history
What if we digitize it?
if you want to digitize your book, you should scan it first
The computer reads that It scanned image of letters.
The computer can not accept right some words lost its color or using faded paper.
the man power, money, time, 
that's impossible
hat why they thought about it
Will be possible if 20 million people work together?
and another one is the letter that the computer cannot read
This is the Recahptcha.
Pyramid construction, Panama Canal, Landing on the moon. Looking back, all the great works by the mankind were done by the cooperations of many people, not by one man.
Actually, in 10 seconds
you were inputting some words which computer can't read.
Computer provides the problem that people have to solve
사람들은 답안을 수집, 해석, 통합하는 것
Words put in by rechapcha counts to a hundred million a day
It's 2.5 million books a year.
By this idea project gutenberg came up
from the Symposium of Plato
from the Symposium of Platon to the scientific paper recently published.
This is a project that collects important data to humans, saves them into electronic data, and distributes them.
wherever everyone can open it easily.
Sure, it's free.
You can be proud of that 10 seconds you wasted.
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