Check this out if you are confused with your partner's thoughts.
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Please confirm people who confused about mind of opponent!
If you fell in love with him, he would know that usually.
2. If that person is unable to adjust the schedule to meet you, despite the fact you keep coming up with some excuses to make an appointment with him/her, that means that person is not interested in you.

Usually, people will try to adjust the schedule to make it happen, even at a late hour of the day, had the person appeared to be attractive to them. Thus, if they tell you they do not have time, it is a polite way of refusal.
3. If the person doesn't make another appointment after the appointment has been cancelled, it means that the person doesn't want to meet you.

As usual, people would like to remake the appointment.
4. If the opponent give you a gift or a letter on the special day, it can be possible that he or she likes you.

However, they can regard you as nothing special one in case that the opponent never cares.
6. It is the regretting behaviour oneself temporarily, when the contact isn't being well by busy schedule after the opponent felt something special by chance.
7. If they say they couldn't contact for a while due to the broken cell phone or sudden business trip, it means that they wanted to meet another relationship but it failed.

It is on your choice to accept them or not, but please keep it mind that the person can cut the contact at any time or any chance.
If you are wondering he or she likes me or not,
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