14 Weirdest Public Telephones Booths
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14 Weirdest Public Telephones Booths
1. This phone booth is quite eccentric, it is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil and it is in the form of human brain.
2. Coke phonebooth in Dubai. Can i drink free coke in there?
3. If you live in Alaska the ice is no problem and you can even use it for something useful, like a phone booth.
4. One of the very large phone booth but don’t know how to make call from this… It is located in Itu, Brazil. who can use it?
5. Omg!!! I never though that the phone can be so big… Again from Itu, Brazil.
6. This is movable phone booth which can find in the great country Uganda. It can be moved from one place to another.
7. This phone booth is situated in London and saying that even I need clothes. Don’t you think these are stylish??
8. In some way the progress is hold up in libraries, so in New York there is a project that combines a phone booth with a mini library.
9. Aquarium with gold fishes creative phone booth for Gold fish club in Osaka
10. This is a Japanese art work phone booth. This is not at all looking phonebooth but a well maintained beautiful home.
11.This is one of the funny phone booth in Jeju, Korea. Looking like two people is sitting but they don’t want to talk.
12.This phone booth which resembles to hen is Located in Porto Galinhas (Chicken Port) town in Brazil.
13.Homer Simpson is known for his funny attitude and this phone booth is reminding this.
14. This creative phone booth in shark shape is created by artist Renald from Petrozavodsk and this can be called an art piece.
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