21 Faces Anyone With A Boyfriend Will Recognize Immediately
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21 Faces Anyone With A Boyfriend Will Recognize Immediately
1. When he hasn’t answered your text for 10 minutes:
2. When he hasn’t answered your text for an hour:
3. When he plays with your hair (without you asking):
4. When he’s on your to-do list:
5. When you’re on his to-do list:
6. When someone flirts with him while you’re standing right there:
7. When you send several detailed texts and all you get back is a “K”:
8. When he ditches you to play FIFA with his friends:
9. When you have no idea what the hell he is wearing:
10. When you get dragged to a party you didn’t want to go to:
11. When you’ve been discussing where to go out to eat for over an hour:
12. When you’re wondering wtf could possibly be more interesting than you
13. When he caught up on your show without you
14. When you fear for your life in the car but you’ve promised not to backseat drive
15. When you remember how well he cleans up
16. When he doesn’t notice your new haircut
17. When you beg him to see the latest Nicholas Sparks movie
18. When you couldn’t agree any less but know how to choose your battles
19. When he randomly sends you a sweet text
20. When he grows out his facial hair and thinks it looks great
21. When you’re dreaming about the next time you see each other
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