A horse pretending to be dead
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A horse pretending to be dead
Horse collapsed!
I am going to pretend I'm sleeping like a dead person
A horse playing dead?!
-Isn't he(she) really sick?
Look. It just pretending to be dead.
He pretends to be dead with the white of the eyes...!!
I don't know. Hollywood action. Isn't it incredible?
I'm dead. Don't touch me.
a horse pretending to be dead when a person is trying to ride two years ago
even passing out only to hold the reins
The horse just lies on the ground if someone jumps on his back. And the horse never stands up like the horse is dead... I really do not know what to do. I do not know.
Lol it really looks dead?
It likes sugar and carrots very much, but if it falls down then it doesn't eat it.
but after trying to read his(her) mind,
But there is no one around there,
it eats so well.
Swoon when person try to get ride even eating.
Realistic acting
Cute but it is mean, mean but it is cute
If there are many people, they don't stand up studying face.
And all get up if nobody is there.
I'm going~
tact tact
Shall we get up~?
Oh! human!
Hey! get up! no more show!
There's nothing wrong. Everything is normal.
When a person gets on top
It falls down.
Intelligently, he falls down with no pain
A stone was on the ground a while ago. he was trying to lie there and looked many big stones there. he stopped for a moment and then he lied down.
It checked there is a rock.
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