Trip to Europe's Christmas Market : Would you like to go?
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Trip to Europe's Christmas Market : Would you like to go?
It's the most beautiful time of the year! 
(Christmas season is back again this year!)
Christmas market begins around this time in Europe. Shall we look around together?
Berlin, Germany
Do you see the tightly packed sales booths?
Christmas market is where everything is sold for, of, and about Christmas!
You can meet Santa Claus
Nurnberg, Germany
This is the Christmas scenery of Nuremberg where it is known for its pretty scenery in Germany.
Can you feel the sweetness just by looking at it?
This is the France's best Christmas market.
The Market has begun since 1570 so the history was very deep!
It was nominated for the year 2014's Christmas market.
Isn't this landscape something you can see in a fairy tale?
This is a sight of Montreux's Christmas with a beautiful nature.
Can you feel the Christmas spirit?
vienna, Austria 
Vienna's Christmas market in front of City Hall! I can feel the majesty.
Visit the market is overflowing to look like an accident, I laid down.
Erfurt, Germany
Christmas Market also held in the nearby park. There are lots of places to play.
You need this and that, buy it
You can say you really enjoyed German christmas party if you drink Glühwein when it is getting cold.
Glühwein is a wine made with wine, fruits, and cinnamon and mostly enjoyed during winter. It goes well in Christmas.
프라하, 체코 사람
Praha's Christmas market that was held on the standard of city hall!
Are you looking forward to Christmas already?
This is Dresden Christmas market. Christmas market is from Deutch
This is the beautiful scene wating for 25th December.
How do you guys prepare for Christmas? 25th of December can't come sooner!
Merry christmas!
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