We will stimulate your imagination #2
  • Original English | 2015-01-12
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We will stimulate your imagination #2
Showcases the beautiful works of Karos Iwo digital native.
A dream that he expresses is mostly positive and picturesque.
sometimes, dark nightmare also appears but it is shown fantastically as well.
It seems like surrealistic works help people preserve genuiness from their childhood.
How are you guys?
When I see an artwork that expresses the images from my mind and dream,
i am hemuting
godfery is fantastic dreamlike feel more power to work.
It seems these works make endless power of creativity of human be stimulated.
When you look the picture, which emotions you are received?
Enjoy slowly.
Haven't you ever have a dream like this?
Is it like the way toward  dream and fantasy world?
So, this was Caras Lonut's art work. 
We will see you guys again next time.
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