Have you watched this..? You who came from star
  • Original English | 2014-12-05
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Have you watched this..? You who came from star
This drama was broadcast almost one year ago
In this drama we can see the chemistry of Kim Su Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyeon
Although their chemistry is good...
Jeon Ji Hyeon's comic is a must see
Their love line is the best
It's so good that people want to watch it again
The main character by Kim Su Hyun, Do Min Jun is actually an alien
He was related to the female lead in his life thousand years ago
He tried to save her
Because of something he's always careful
Just look at her make people want to take care of her
Who wouldn't like them?
Actually Do Min Jun has to protect Song Yi from this man
But the best thing to watch in this drama is Do Minjun and Songyi faces
Even when they act like fool like this they are still pretty and handsome
If you're curious, go and watch it
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