OKCAT beautiful river of Seoul, Han river Part 2
  • Original English | 2014-12-08
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OKCAT beautiful river of Seoul, Han river Part 2
OKKAT: I will continue to explain from the previous part~ Han river is the place you can enjoy leisure sport and cultural activities!
BF: Nowdays swimming pool is the most popular place!
You can enjoy summer tour course in Gwangnaru, Ttukseom, Yeouido, etc. Around the Han river you can see cultural heritage and you may feel the environmental place.
Cruise Ship riding, camping, swimming pool open in summer, water leisure sports, fishing and a variety of entertainment are the best for peaceful rest of citizens! The bike road is well made and you can rent bike.
OKKAT: It is the one of ways to enjoy Seoul is watching a night view of Seoul. If you wonder where do you go during hot summer! Let's go to the Han river! The light is so wonderful!
BF: Beautiful~
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