OKCAT Trip to 'Joseon Dynasty' in Korea Folk Village
  • Original English | 2014-12-08
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OKCAT Trip to 'Joseon Dynasty' in Korea Folk Village
OKCAT: Feels like I want to go to the Korean Traditional Villiage!
BF: Because of legendary hometown(Based on house of ghost with traditional theme)?
OKCAT: Wow, are you fortuneteller?!
Korean Traditional Villiage is the place that revive the JoSeon Dynasty with traditional cultural tour place! There are a tiled roof house and thatched house are very beautiful in the nature with the four seasons! Sometimes they film the historical drama here!
OKCAT: There are lots of festivals are in progress and variety of performences are in every seasons that you have opportunities to experience several things! Virgin ghost!
BF: Also, there is an under taker!
OKCAT: Let's use www.koreanfolk.co.kr for details! It is requirement course to feel all the fun from the Korean Traditional Town! Let's feel the extraordinary fun! http://www.koreanfolk.co.kr http://www.koreanfolk.co.kr
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