You MUST try this street food, Egg bread(계란빵)!!
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You MUST try this street food, Egg bread(계란빵)!!
Today, I'm gonna introduce you must-eat street food when you visit in korea!
This scenery is commonly seen on the street stalls. There are teokbokki, sausage, and fries!
The first food is very very very very yum! Tteokbokki !
it's A sweet and spicy rice cake! You're probably wondering how does it taste like?
is The rice cake seems too heavy? Do not worry! Itdapnida is here as the next Oden ^ _ ^
I can eat any variety of tempura on the street!
this combination of a rice cake with Oden is fantastic. it's Oden soup cups.
this fried shrimp makes me hungry right away.... ㅠ _ ㅠ
these are Fried egg, fried peppers, fried gimmalyi, and fried dumplings
Pancake and dumplings baked on the spot !!!!! you can add some soy sauce as you like!
do not forget this sweet Hotteok !
Hotteok has sweet sugar and various nuts as its filling
and this is it !!! Egg Bread !!!!!!!!!! it's one of the most favorited street food! *. *
Taste one and you can't stop to taste more.
i'm dying to taste one ... It would be like paradise
not only to buy and eat them, you can also try to draw on them!
sausages are cooked on this iron plate
then add ketchup and mustard on it!
In Korea, I can taste gukhwappang on the street during the winter!
it has Chrysanthemum flower shape, that's why it was named gukhwappang!
I also can't miss this gourmet bread skewers!
The right special sauce for this bacon sausage skewers is hot sauce!
It's a superb combination i definitely need to taste!
You can choose any korean street food to taste!
Dried squid and octopus with an affordable price
Do not miss this buttery grilled squid
You can also try this flying fish cake skewer!
eat it while it's warm! add some honey! Delicious!
Yes! It's a hot dog with fries around!
This is the famous potato twisters!
it's an upgraded version of potato twisters, Tornado Potato! I can eat sausage and potato at once!
and get ready to fall in love with this gimbap
And this tall ice cream is a great finish as a dessert!
there are Green tea flavor, Chocolate flavor, Vanilla flavor, and Strawberry flavor
Seoul's street food tour! are you ready?
Enjoy all the amazing contents in the world that are translated into your own native language! 
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