illustration giving meaningful messege -John Holcroft
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illustration giving meaningful messege -John Holcroft
John Holcroft has the most satirical illustration of what is happening in today's society work.
each illustrations are always stand out.

warm colors are used to represent information of soft-feeling yet they seem very strong and sharp.
Satirical illustrations like these are much better than those boring-long articles. It somehow gives stronger impact to the society.
For food fanatics magazine about online restaurant booking
About Redundancy
How to make a celebrity
How can people afford to smoke these days?
The concept of having a pay as you go NHS
pecking order
About the exploitation of young immigrant women, trafficked and put to work in the sex industry
there's no going back
bottling up anger
For Nursing standard about nurses under pressure
For director magazine about China being a country where students want to take their business degree
Tiredness at school can cause lack of concentration
London Underground in rush hour
Our lives tied to smartphones
happiness kit for your life
Slaves of the contract
bitter reality of office worker
'Frozen' job market
the real expression of 'Like' in Facebook. Once again, it's fantastic to think about the social reality.
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