Breathtaking photos of animal migration
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Breathtaking photos of animal migration
Every year, birds, mammals, fish, reptiles and other animals around the world migrate for various reasons.
How they know when and where to go?
Although seasons and temperatures seem to be the most important factor, the whole mechanism is not yet clearly understood.
Migration yields things not usually seen - tree branches bending from the weight of butterflies, birds, flying from Alaska to New Zealand without stopping.
Also animals don't always just travel across the map, either - some fish migrate to different depths!
African Buffaloes
Christmas Island red crabs
Munk's devil rays in baja, Mexico
Spawn in taylor creek, california, usa
Butterflies in tucabaca, Bolivia
Fireflies in Japan
Monarch butterflies in Mexico
Walruses in svalbard
Pronghorns in Canada
Red crowned cranes above hula lake, Israel
Roan antelopes, Namibia
Fruit bats in Zambia
Monarch butterflies in Mexico
The great migration of the wildebeest over the Mara River in Northern Serengeti
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