Awesome Winter Hats To Make You Happy It's Cold Outside
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Awesome Winter Hats To Make You Happy It's Cold Outside
Knitting and crocheting are definitely not just your grandmother's hobbies anymore.
These simple crafts can be used to create creative, fun and, most importantly, warm winter hats.
Many of these hats can be bought, but if you've got an eye for knitting and crochet, you can make them yourself as well!
Crochet baby aviator hat
Owl and wolf
Bender hat
Brain cap
Crocheted Knight's Helmet
Optimius prime crochet hat
Mustard and Ketchup
Deer antler snood
Gimli's Dwarven helm
Mad scientist hat
Christmas tree hat
Totoro hat
Fox Cowl
The beholder hat
Yoda Hat
Cthulhu ski hat
snow white
Hot dog
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