The best way to enjoy Samgyubsal!
  • Original Korean | 2014-12-21
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The best way to enjoy Samgyubsal!
My mouth is watering just seeing a pork belly.
How can we enjoy it 200%?
이렇게 술과 함께 먹어도 좋습니다!
It tastes good just pick up the meat like this.
We sometimes grill other foods with meat and eat them together~
Pick one up with soaked green onion and eat it!
You know it is also delicious if you eat with roasted Kimchi.
And also eat Ssam(lettuce wrap)!
With Kimchi!!
Don't forget Ssamjang!
After have a meat, you would better taste bean paste stew.
Rice with Doenjang soup after eating meat is really~fantastic!
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