Pohang international light festival that will brighten the night sky
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Pohang international light festival that will brighten the night sky
OKCAT: Hey, my bestfriend. Are you interested in Pohang International Light Festival? If so, let's go there together.
BF: I don't know well about it. What is it?
Pohang is called of moon and sun's city. This festival includes all of famouse 5 Lights ; tale of Yeon-O and Se-O , Sunrise of Homigok, blast furnace of Posco, Posteck light source , Youngil's port light.

OKCAT : Imagine ! shining lights on the night sea.
BF : Oh....!
There are fantastic light parade and light show on sea. You can even see world's various fireworks since there is world firework competition
With family, lovers, or friends, you can make a good memory at Pohang International Light Festival.
OKCAT: So, you want it?
BF: Yep!
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