Moon makes people lunatic
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Moon makes people lunatic
Have you heard of the word 'lunatic'?
It defines "a kind of abnormal spirit states , which appears according to the moon's change timely " in Oxford dictionary.
luna, which means moon in latin, is to associate the moon and madness in the west.
ah. For reference, The Orient or Islam which used lunar calendar do not tend to connect moon and lunacy.
there`s a sentence in roman dictionary.
Full moon makes people go crazy or causes epileptic seizure by making their brain abnormally wet.
Lunatic is used to present mad or foolish people in shakesphere`s arts etc.
Then, why they related moon with craziness in the west?
It says that in the early days lunatic was written by the word designating the epilepsy than the insanity.
The westerners of which a moon grew bigger and smaller periodically
It is connected with the seizure happening periodically
Citation within fables and myths, with aspects representing such things as darkness, gloominess, and mystery, allowed them to spread further and further out.
It is recognized to this tendency as it's connected to 20th Century that the moon has an effect on the mental condition of the person.
Then does the moon really have an effect with the insanity?
All results of the research that it proceeds since 1990's.
no relation
In reality, Unite State Senate voted deleting the word 'lunatic' in federal law by almost common consent, and the president Obama signed.
This is because due to the cause of the prejudice and stigma about the mental patient
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