The facts that make you goose bumps and reask one more time
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The facts that make you goose bumps and reask one more time
Strawberry milk is made from cochineal dye worms live in the cactus
Cochineal pigment used in milk is extracted from an insect called cochineal, 4.4 of them are known to be used for each 200ml of milk.
the amount of porno search is approaching upto 25% of the total amount.
The number of search per day in the search engine is about 600 - 800 thousands and it is 25 percentage in total search.
There is a country to his opponent slapped a bow.
Innuits in cold region give slap on the cheek by means of being glad. stronger they slap, the more they welcome you.
Gritting in the Masai people in Africa is spitting in his opponent's face.
For the Masai who lacked water, even the water in their body is precious, so spitting symbolizes sharing precious things!
The movie 'Dark Knight' was rarely made by computer graphic works.
Director named Christopher Nolan hates using CG, so he exploded real bombs in the Dark Knight.
The Avengers is grager group name.
The group name of avengers was jewish assassin group that chooped up by chasing a Nazi criminal after world war 2.
People all over the world or her favorite color is blue.
The survey among 17 countries showed that over 40% liked color blue and even facebook, twitter and instagram are in blue!
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